Facebook messenger, a new platform of torturing women

Abdul Matlabe: Facebook, the most popular social media across the world, has turned the world smaller than any other means. Now it has been an integral part of life to keep family members or friends in touch.

Facebook has currently been more popular as it is easy to use on cellular phones without any charge. So, people of all walks of life and genders use this blessing of modern technologies either to be informed or to inform others about a variety of topics within the realm of entertainment, news, or any other topic of their tastes.

With the numerous merits of facebook, now it has been a matter of headache for female users– girls and women. They cannot use it freely as male users frequently disturb them by sending messages through messenger. If a girl or a woman logs in her facebook account for a single minute, she obviously gets a bunch of chats from male users.
In most cases, male users send requests to unknown women or girls. If the girls or women once accept the requests, they keep getting ‘Hi and Hello’ messages without any delay. Male users keep knocking them frequently. They ask them again and again ‘how are you’.  Even, they keep sending messages until the girl or woman responds.

In several cases, some of male users also show their rude behaviour when they fail to draw attention after their frantic efforts in inbox. Then, they use harsh and derogatory words to the women.


Some days ago, I came to know the matter from one of my female friends. She, claiming anonymity, told me that using facebook has almost been impossible for such disturbances. Even, she cannot use it in an emergency moment as well.

To observe the situation, I spent several hours with her for a week. Within this period, I realized how adversely a girl leads her life in this world.

She was getting hundreds of friend requests every day. Of them, a few were known to her. Not only sending requests, many of the people also throw messages in inbox requesting to accept them and they do this for several times. Some of them also scolded her when she did not receive their requests.

She also received several unknown requests to show me the facts.

Some people sent reactions after accepting them saying ‘Thanks for accepting.’ After a few minutes, they also asked her saying ‘Hey, Hi, Hello, How are you? Why don’t you reply? Plz reply, where do you live in? Are you married? Are you student?’

But she did not reply.

After two hours, five people reacted like that ‘Are you dumb? Why are you so heartless? Why don’t you reply? Are you so arrogant? Be a girl with soft heart? Is it a fake account? Stop using fake ID and be fair.’


The failures threw these types of messages for a few minutes. And finally they made her unfriend in facebook.

She also blocked some of male users as they were continuously irritating her in inbox. But the result was so regretful. They who were blocked went to her posts she shared in the timeline and started to comment. Asking her, ‘Why did you block me?’ Several of them also commented ‘I love you.’
As a male facebook user, I was very ashamed after observing the situation.

As the world is becoming developed day by day in the field of technology, people are getting different types of devices to communicate with each other. But, women cannot get rid of being tortured. They are now being molested by the advance technologies and devices. The facebook messenger has been added to this list recently as a platform of molesting women. As it is a default apps for mobile, all users are bound to use the messenger if they continue with facebook. Otherwise, they have to stop using it. So, there is no way for women without being tortured.


This is not the end, these days civil citizens also started a new form of disturbances in facebook inbox. Earlier, they voluntarily used to tag their different types of posts to their FB friends. Now they send links of their writings in inbox.

Not only that, they keep waiting for reply through inbox or comments on their posts. If it is late to do so, they send messages asking ‘I sent you links of my writings, but you mentioned nothing. Why?’

What type of manner it is? If anybody writes something or any article, he/she can share it on facebook Timeline. The people who will see it, they will express their reactions if they wish.

I do not understand what type of civil manner it is that a writer will send links of his writings to his friends in FB inbox and enforce to share it and expect replies and comments on his/her posts.

There is no problem to send requests to female users. But, problem is to irritate and disturb her continuously and molest her mentally.
All facebook users should refrain from the activities. They should behave with women considering them as their mother and sister and above all human.

I also think it is obviously injustice to send links to someone without his/her permission. Such types of writers should refrain from these activities. They should leave readers from torturing through social media.

They need to remember that if readers find anything interesting or wrong in their writings, they will willingly react to it. So, it should be stopped immediately. Otherwise, readers will turn back their faces from them.

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