Revenge of the comment section: Leave Ivanka out of it

Some commenters are wondering why Ivanka is being held accountable for the sins of her father

Ivanka Trump’s clothing line has, for a couple of weeks, been the subject of boycotts across the U.S. Now, those protests are coming to Canada.

This weekend, Ontario women plan to dress up like Donald Trump and stage protests at two Toronto Hudson’s Bay stores, which carry Ivanka’s line. Meanwhile, some commenters are wondering why Ivanka is being held accountable for the sins of her father and whether boycotts are the best ways to express resistance energies.

A torch-wielding mob

I am in no way enamoured by or supportive of President Trump, however this whole movement to boycott his daughter’s clothing line is getting very silly.

If you want to criticize President Trump’s policies and politics, then do so. This backdoor approach of attacking him through his family is as vulgar and petty as Trump’s detractors accuse him of being.

This looks more like an irrational pitchfork and torch-wielding mob than a conscientious political protest.


Miss Information

People are free to do what they want. I do have concerns, though, when Miss Information (White House aid Kellyanne Conway) publicly voices support for Ivanka’s products.


Right to criticize

Everyone has a right to shop as they please – the boycotters are exercising their rights as consumers and drawing attention to their concerns. They have a right to try and sway public opinion, just as others have the right to shop as they please and express their opinions. Those rights aren’t in dispute.

It is hypocritical to criticize other citizens for acting in ways that are protected by law and are a fundamental part of democracy, even if you don’t like them. I will defend the right of anyone here to voice support for Trump, just as I would the right of others to criticize him.

And please – let’s stop with the right vs. left nonsense. This is about the vast majority of citizens who want to push back against the tiny minority of the wealthy and powerful who continue to consolidate ever-increasing power.

This current Trump/Republican administration is crony capitalism as its worst.


Sins of her father

The sins of the father should not befall the daughter. I don’t care if Trump murdered 100 people, that doesn’t reflect on his daughter and her ability to do business.


The trials of a woman in business

She’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s successful and she’s a woman. Of course people are going to want to tear Ivanka down. That’s the way it goes in our society, sadly. Some things never change when it comes to women and business.


The who?

The joke is on the protesters: nobody shops at the Bay.

is is healthy

Socio-political polarization in north America is manifesting itself in demonstrations, hopefully non-violent. This catharsis is healthy in my opinion, and is a way of demonstrating to ourselves who we are and where we want to head as a society. Do we want a progressive culture, or one that is steeped in fear and tribal myths?

ing others

We all have our personal boycotts. Trying to influence others into your way of thinking is wrong. Unfortunately, it happens way too much these days.


Not her dad

This boycott is disgusting. It seems as though the hard left is refusing to accept the results of the American election, and is taking it out on the president’s daughter.


Fifteen minutes of fame

I’m not about to buy Ivanka’s clothing, but she has every right to sell her product. If it doesn’t sell, of course a store has every right to drop the line. People are free to make choices — buy, don’t buy, whatever. I feel these protesters are just looking for their 15 minutes. Really, there are far more important issues to worry about.

r energy

Four years is a long time, and this seems like wasted effort. Save your protests for the inevitable awful things to come.


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