Elephant Spent 11 Hours Digging a Hole, People Shed Tears And Gave It a Helping Hand

We have all heard incredible stories of mothers (both human and animal) going to extraordinary lengths to protect their babies from harm, but we must say that this story about a mother elephant in the Chatra district of India has us floored!

The mother elephant was out walking with her young calf when the little elephant accidentally fell into a well!
Like any good mother would, the elephant set into action to try and pull the distressed calf out of harms way.
First she tried using her trunk but had to revert to digging down into the hole to get the baby out. Unfortunately, the mama elephant knocked more dirt into the hole in her state of panic, making the task of freeing the calf even more difficult. Unwilling to leave her baby behind, she dug for 11 whole hours, to no avail.

Thankfully, a group of villagers heard the distressed noises of the mother and baby and stepped in to lend a hand. Temporarily blocking the mother from digging by using banana trucks, the villagers were able to remove the top soil that was getting in the way. Once the path was clear, the mother elephant was released and successfully pulled her baby to safety!
It’s a good thing that elephants love mud because the baby was absolutely caked with dirt. In the ultimate heart-warming happy ending, the baby and the mother were spotted walking trunk in trunk later that day.

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