5 Scariest Creatures Caught in the Amazon Jungle!


We’ve watched movies set in the world’s largest tropical rainforest…the Amazon. This jungle is home to several creatures, some which are not very pleasant to interact with. Trust me on this, there are some pretty scary creatures which, if you came face to face with, would make you collapse from shock. Within this countdown, we compiled a list of 5 Scariest Creatures Caught in the Amazon Jungle! Ready to be amazed? Well, lets begin!

1. Electric Eel

Before you get too close, be forewarned that the electric eel has the ability to generate five times more electricity than that of your home’s wall socket. The creature uses a combination of three unique organs to generate electricity against prey and attackers. For prey, the electricity has the use of stunning it before the eel swallows it whole. For potential attackers who threaten it, it can release large amounts of electricity for minutes at a go. It is quite rare for humans to die from the shock. The danger comes in when it strikes you if you are in the water. The paralyzing pain caused from a violent shock can cause one to die from the shock. So next time you are in the Amazon, be careful before getting too close. You have been warned…

2. Amazonian Giant Centipede

I am no fan of centipedes so it would totally creep me out if I saw the Amazon´s Giant Centipede! This creature is known as a fierce predator in the Amazon jungle feeding on anything it can make prey of: mice, lizards, tarantulas, birds or insects. Given that they are 12 inches long, they have the advantage of length and can coil their bodies around their prey before feeding on them….alive!! Humans are safe though. But I’d advise you to keep off! A sting from them can cause chills, fever, weakness and harsh pain.

3. Brazilian Wandering Spider

The Brazilian wandering spider of the Amazon comes in eight species. Its genus is considered to be the most venomous and terrifying on the planet. Its venom causes an intense amount of pain and if left untreated, it can lead to paralysis and breathing challenges. If by chance you visit the Amazon, be careful about walking at night as they are nocturnal. They like their lonely cold nights because during that time is when they hunt. If I were you, I’d avoid walking at night altogether while in the amazon…

4. Black Caiman

If you have ever been to a zoo, you’ll probably recount that fierce crocodile you saw behind a cage. Now imagine the wild Black Caiman of amazon that is known as the scariest crocodile on the planet! Their dark colored skin helps them camouflage themselves from prey before viciously attacking them. The black caiman diet mainly consists of fish but when too hungry, they go for big kills like deers. Getting to the adult stage of life is quite difficult for this croc because their flesh is a delicacy for the anacondas and the jaguars. Now combine this with humans hunting them down! They were once going to go extinct but thanks to the anti-hunting laws, they have been preserved.

5. Green Anaconda

Picture this; 9 meters in length, approximately 30 feet and a weight of about 500-pound snake. This… is the green anaconda for you. Terrifying indeed! It is the world’s largest snake and spends its time in the Amazon River waiting to catch prey that ranges from wild pigs, deers, jaguars and even humans. It moves quite quickly and effortlessly on water but can be quite slow and awkward when gliding on land. Whatever creature that falls victim to is automatically dead in a matter of minutes. It will coil around the prey, drag it in the water and suffocate it to its death before swallowing it whole. Thing is, this snake does not eat often. But when hungry and it spots you…This exactly what you should do next: RUN!

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