‘Underground oceans’ beneath Earth’s surface could be full of ‘aliens’

SCIENTISTS believe they have proof of oceans deep beneath Earth’s surface – and they could be home to “aliens”.

'Underground oceans' beneath Earth's surface could be full of 'aliens'

According to new research, massive oceans could be located up to 620 miles inside our planet.

These mysterious bodies of water could be home to “alien” lifeforms unrecognisable to people on the surface.

Steve Jacobsen, a scientist from Northwestern University in the US, said his team has found water and minerals in a diamond spat out by a volcano 90 million years ago in Brazil.

He believes it proves there could several oceans worth of water beneath Earth’s surface.


Jacobsen added: “This is the deepest evidence for water recycling on the planet.

“The big take-home message is that the water cycle on Earth is bigger than we ever thought, extending into the deep mantle [the Earth’s core].”

But these oceans are unlikely to resemble lakes or seas as we known them.

This means they could be home to bizarre forms of life



One life form – known as Geogemma barossii – baffled scientists after it was found surviving in temperatures of up to 120°C in deep sea, thermal vents off the coast of the US.

Author and new age theorist David Wilcock has claimed ancient civilisations have been living beneath the Earth’s surface for centuries.

Known as the “inner Earth people”, Wilcocks alleges they do not have many interactions with humans – but they are known to the US government.

While some scientists have argued the Earth’s core has pressures and temperatures too high for life to survive – but new discoveries are being made that are beginning to challenge this.

Source: ‘Underground oceans’ beneath Earth’s surface could be full of ‘aliens’

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